Keeping same philosophy as 201 we did soften shapes to give a trendier style.

The six colours proposal has been studied expressly for its design while lenses options make 202 spectacles for those people who look for a distinguish product.


Fronts and temples are made in Grilamid TR90, a hypoallergenic plastic polymer of the highest quality, with the strongest flexibility and solidity. Focal centres, interpupillar distance and dioptre power are granted by an automatic system of lenses cutting and assembling.


These are Blue Ray Cut lenses that filter and protect the eyes up to 40% of the blue light emitted by the screens, alleviating eye strain and protecting the eyes from prolonged use of these devices.

Available with dioptric power: Neutral (wirhou diopter), +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50, +3.00, +3.50


202 is provided with a polypropylene non-deformable case of 22mm of thickness. It protects the product from scratches and strikes of the daily use.

Astuccio 201 - 202

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