The basic idea that drives our entire production, is the desire to create a unique, sophisticated and contemporary design, that is ever-evolving.

We are constantly searching the world that surrounds us for inspiration, while analysing market trends, and the evolving needs of our customers. The findings of this research drive the creation of the new concepts, that are developed and realized by the skills and craftsmanship of our artisans.

We firmly believe that the raw materials, whether plastic grain, acetates or leathers, are fundamental to our achieving the best final result. For this reason, we only choose the best raw materials with certified Italian origin.

To us, Made in Italy is not just a matter of mere geography; it is a philosophy, it is a lifestyle, and a different way to look at work. “Made in Italy” is a process, a path, followed passionately, in every manufacturing process, and as an opportunity to consider everyday as a chance to grow and enrich our knowledge.

These are the ideas and the certainties that allow us to produce glasses that are sold and treasured in more than 65 countries in the World.