Rather than a simple story, ours is an evolution.

An evolution starts with a simple organism that becomes the foundation from which new functions begin to grow, ever increasing in complexity.

This foundation for us was Giorgio Nannini who in 1954 began to study and produce high tech glasses for car and motorcycle racers. Later he focused his studies on developing high tech and nearly indestructible glasses for skiing and sailing.

The improvement in manufacturing technologies and the positive reaction of the customers led us to develop the beating heart of our company: the Compact and the entire reading glasses collection.

As with all evolutionary processes, ours had to continue to move forward, adapting itself to the new era. This continued development is seen in our design and the production of spectacles and sunglasses in cellulose acetate, with the two collections ONIRICO and GIORGIO NANNINI.

The central driver in our ever-evolving story is the importance of always being on the move. This is the reason we live everyday with an excitement and impatience about knowing what will happen the day after.