What are cookie and what’s their purpose:

As definition given by the Garante for the privacy: “Cookies are small text files that are sent to the user’s terminal equipment (usually to the user’s browser) by visited websites; they are stored in the user’s terminal equipment to be then re-transmitted to the websites on the user’s subsequent visits to those websites.” Cookies are used for the correct functioning of the website or for its improvement, but also to provide informations to the owner of the website. Infact, always as written in the Garante for the privacy: “Cookies are used for IT authentication, to monitor browsing sessions and store specific information on users that access a given server; as a rule, they are present in substantial numbers in each user’s browser.  Certain operations could not be performed without cookies, which in some cases are therefore necessary for technical reasons. For instance, it would be much more complex and less secure to access home banking services and check one’s bank statement, transfer money, pay bills, etc. without using cookies that allow identifying the specific user and keeping such identification throughout the web session. In some cases, cookies may stay in an IT system for quite long and contain a unique ID. This enables a website using such cookies to track a user’s navigation within the website for statistical or advertising purposes – that is, the website can create a customized user profile starting from the pages the user visited, to then serve targeted ads to that user (this is the so-called “behavioural advertising”)”.

What kind of cookies does the website www.nannini.com use and why:

The website www.nannini.com use different kinds of cookies and other similar tools, that have a different and specific purpose, as shown in the table that follows, that only has examplificative value:

Surfing Cookies
These cookies make the website correctly works and let the User/Customer see the contents in the choosen language. They are able to recognify the country from where the User/Customer did the access, so that when the User/Customer visits the website he/she can be addressed to the website version for his/her home country. Surfing Cookies also permit to create an account to effect the login and to manage eventual orders. In case of registered Users/Customers the website will recognise them when they effect the access reserved to registered Users/Customers. These cookies are necessary to the correct function of the website.

Functional Cookies
Functional cookies are able to recognise the User/Customer based on his/her request everytime he/she effect an access to the website, so that it’s not necessary to enter the access data everytime he/she visits the website. In case the User/Customer add some products to the “Chart” and then close the session without deleting them, this kind of cookies will be able to continue the buying process from the following access (within a certain amount of time). These cookies are not necessary to the correct function of the website but they improve the surfing in it.

Analytic Cookies
These cookies are used, for example from Google Analytics, for the elaboration of statistical analysis on the surfing methods of the User/Customer on the website through the use of computer or mobile applications (App), on the number of pages visited or on the number of “clicks” done on a page during the visiting of a website. NANNINI ITALIAN QUALITY S.r.l. treats the results of these analysis in an anonym way and exclusively for statystical purposes only if the services generator uses cookies connected to the browser setted on the computer or on others devices used by the User/Customer to surf on our website.


How the User/Customer can debilitate the Cookies:

It’s possible for the single User/Customer to deny the use of cookies by selecting the feature that he/she consider to be the right one to apply to his/her browser and to choose which kind of cookies use. Here are then listed the links for the most known browsers that the software themselves place in disposition to explain how to debilitate the cookies and/or how to show the very self options related to the choosing of the cookies:

Otherwise is possible to debilitate only the cookies of Google Analytics, by using the additional component “opt-out” provided by Google for the main browsers.

How the User/Customer can delete cookies already saved on his/her terminal:

To put before is that even if the authorisation to use the cookies from thirds (which in anycase the website nannini.com does not use) is disaffirmed, it first of all revokes the cookies that might have been stored on the User/Customer’s terminal equipment. For technical reasons is not possible to delete those cookies, however the User/Customer’s browser permit their cancellation in the privacy’s settings. The browser’s options include infact the option “delete surfing data” that can be used to delete cookies, websites data and plug-in.

How your User/Customer’s consent is submitted or revoked

The consent to the utilization is initially submitted by clicking on the button “OK”, place inside the “Brief Information”/initial banner, or by closing the banner itself, by scrolling the first page, clicking on a link or by proceeding the surfing in any other manner.

The consent to the use of cookies can be revoked in any instant, through the methods aforementioned.

We remember that debilitating surfing cookies and/or functional cookies might imply the malfunctioning of the website and/or limits the service offered.